Architectures haute disponibilité - Streaming - Plan de Reprise d’Activité

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Double-Take Software édite des produits de protection des données et des serveurs physiques et virtuels afin de réduire les temps d'indisponibilité des systèmes. Leur solution Flex permet également le streaming d'OS.
  • Continuité de service
  • Reprise sur incident
  • Haute disponibilité
  • Sauvegarde centralisée
  • Basculement de serveurs : P2V - physique vers virtuel, V2P - virtuel vers physique
  • OS Streaming
  • Images disques partagées et centralisées


Double-Take Flex


Flex V3.30.015
Double-Take Flex V3.3
Version de maintenance 3.30.015 :
  • Added new wizard-driven installation option to install operating system direct to iSCSI for Flex Clients on all Windows platforms. The installation is driven from the Flex Management Console and does not require any media.
  • Added high availability cluster support for Flex Storage Server Service.
  • Added feature to import and export shared-persistent and shared non-persistent caches back to master. This feature improves the process for updating master images to geographically dispersed Flex Client sites.
  • Added command to simultaneously boot or shut down all Flex Clients assigned to a single group.
  • Added the ability to assign drives and individual write caches to boot images at the time of image creation.
  • Added new feature to schedule tasks for client groups. Tasks include reboot, shut down, and remote wake-up.
  • New NIC drivers were added to WinPE tools.
  • PXE server improvements were made to provide compatibility with AMT-enabled BIOS.

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