PHD Virtual

Sauvegarde de machines virtuelles Citrix XenServer et VMware

Solution de sauvegarde performante, simple, automatisée et économique.

PHD ne nécessite aucun serveur dédié, ni de licences additionnelles, Windows 2008 R2 par exemple.
La déduplication des données sauvegardées réduit la taille du stockage requis et donc son coût !

PHD Virtual Backup s'appuie sur l'architecture VBA™ (Virtual Backup Appliance) directement intégrée aux hyperviseurs VMware et Citrix.


PHD Virtual Backup pour VMware vSphere

PHD Virtual Backup pour Citrix XenServer


PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6
Les nouvelles fonctionnalités de PHD Virtual Backup :

1. PHD Instant Recovery
2. Full and Incremental Backup Mode Options
3. Application Aware Backups
4. Enhanced File Recovery
5. Encryption and Security Compliance Improvements
6. Email Report Enhancements
7. Virtual Backup Appliance (VBA) Tools for Import/Export, VBA Health, Inventory Management and Migration
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V5.4
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V5.4
Enhanced Performance and Scalability, Cloud Enabled Data Protection

8 Concurrent Data Streams per VBA™ (Virtual Backup Appliance) - Up to 8 backup and restore processes concurrently
Virtual Machine Replication - From a production site to a Disaster Recovery (DR) site
Replication Seeding – Initial replication of VM’s may be “seeded” to the DR site using portable drives to minimize data transmitted over the WAN
Verify Replicated VM’s – Built in Test Mode
OpenExport – Export VM’s in standard compressed OVF format for portability
OpenRestore™ - Restore your virtual machines directly to VMware hosts without the need to install PHD Virtual software
Mass Restore – Create and configure a single job to restore multiple virtual machines at the same time to reduce restoration time and complexity
Optimized Tape Friendly Backup
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6.1
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6.1
Les nouveautés :
  • Rollback Recovery, lets you recover only the changes from the backup over an existing VM.
  • Job History can now be exported as a comma separated file for use in extended reporting.
  • Additional details were added to the Hypervisor Inventory table to show when each individual virtual disk was backed up.
  • Existing jobs can now be copied to create additional jobs for the same groups of VMs and settings.
  • Backup data stores that do not support hard links can now be mounted and used as backup storage targets. A warning is displayed when this type of storage is mounted. Only Full/Incremental backups can be stored on these storage types.
  • PHD Console support was expanded to include Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Added support for Citrix XenServer 6.1. PHD VBAs were updated to include XenTools v6.1.
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6.5
PHD Virtual Backup and Replication V6.5
Les nouveautés (disponibles le 26/08) :
Backup Archiving : Automated backup replication capability that is WAN optimized and storage friendly. Backups can be archived to another location or to the cloud.
Exchange and SharePoint Recovery : Enables quick and easy recovery of granular Exchange and SharePoint items from any PHD backup in just a few clicks.
Enhanced Scheduling for Granular RPOs : Schedule backup and replication jobs to occur as frequently as every 15 minutes.
Cloud Seeding : Locally seed a disk that is sent to your cloud provider to import into your storage.  Once complete, the VBA will transfer only changes over the Internet.
Broader Support for 3rd Party S3 Compliant Providers : PHD Virtual CloudHook is enhanced to support additional S3 compatible cloud storage platforms.

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