Solution d'impression universelle Citrix, TSE, RDS, VDI

UniPrint : Impression universelle pour serveurs Citrix, Microsoft TSE / RDS, ou VDI.

Solution d’impression d’entreprise, UNIPRINT Infinity intègre un pilote universel d’imprimante optimisé.

UniPrint permet de réduire la consommation de bande passante de 90%, d’accélérer le travail d’impression et d’améliorer la productivité. Grâce à UniPrint et au format PDF, les utilisateurs ont le choix d'imprimer, de visualiser, de sauvegarder ou de transmettre par mail le document.

Les avantages de la solution UniPrint Infinity :

  • Un seul pilote d'impression à installer
  • Très simple à administrer
  • Gestion simplifiée des pilotes d'imprimantes
  • Augmente la stabilité des serveurs
  • Intégration dans Active Directory (Microsoft)
  • Réduction de la bande passante consommée
  • Compression jusqu'à 90% des fichiers
  • Réduction des coûts de Helpdesk


Uniprint Infinity

Uniprint Suite 7

Uniprint VDI

Uniprint Web

Uniprint Gateway

Uniprint Host


Uniprint - Version 6.1.2
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version 6.1.2
Maintenance corrective :
  • Removed the forcing of the Data type to 'EMF' format.
  • Fixed an issue with ICA VC sending Unicode character filenames, filename was getting truncated at '.' in filenames generated by Word 2002.
  • Fixes an issue where setting Persessiontempdir through group policy is not applied in the log script detection mechanism.
  • Fixed issue with Mac Drive Mapping not locating the correct drive for UPClient.config.
  • Also added on file copy failure, will continue to try and copy the file to other areas.
  • Fixed issue where an attempt to create a UniPrint Queue with an invalid Data type happens (i.e. RAW, EMF, IMF).
  • Fixed an issue that may cause 32 bit applications running on 64 bit emulation to generate 0kb gateway jobs.
  • Added functionality to create Virtual Channel registrations to support per-user installations of Citrix Web Client in pass-through.
  • Fixed an unprotected buffer read/write.
  • Fixed the GUID selection of the FTP printer to use the proper value.
  • Fixed issue where redirected queues created by Remotely Connecting to the spool server were trying to be 'cleaned'.
  • Detection of Persessiontempdir setting in group policy.
Nouveauté :
  • Added Pass-through support for Citrix ICA 10 and up in the UniPrint Management Console.
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.1
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.1
Nouveautés :
  • Additional rendering engine (Foxit)
  • Optional use of third party PDF reader
  • New rules feature to select printer based on form name or size
  • Group Policy management
  • Single or all users installation option
  • Support for Active Directory deployment
Améliorations :
  • Improved support for Windows Vista
  • Improved support for Citrix ICA Web Client 10
  • Improved user interface
  • Improved rendering engine
Correctifs :
  • Local Print dialog may not appear for the first print job
  • Installing on a machine with Internet Explorer 5 results in Error 1931
  • Launching UniPrint Client may trigger an unassisted install
  • Printer properties may not be applied to print jobs on Windows Vista clients
  • Resetting Default Settings may not always be successful
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.2
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.2
Nouveautés :
  • Print Progress bar can now be disabled
Correctifs :
  • Invalid DmDither setting caused client printouts to fail in some cases
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.3
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.3
Nouveautés :
  • Actual Size/Fit to Page option in the preview window
Correctifs :
  • Windows Logoff issue while client is still running
  • Printer DEVMODE settings problem
  • Saving a PDF document with an existing name not being overwritten
  • USB key drive letter re-assignment issue
  • Enabled Per Page Tray Mapping for both Amyuni and Foxit
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.4
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.4
Nouveautés :
  • Email All and Save All options added to the preview window
  • Re-sizable preview window
  • Support for Adobe Reader 9
Correctifs :
  • Host Edition and UniPrint Server 5.1.0 and earlier generated print jobs
  • Fixed the disconnected printer issue while printing
  • Printing Landscape with Foxit issue
  • Print Dialog Box is behind the preview window while printing with Adobe
  • Preview window doesn't always display the print job
  • Changed the interface for Print/Save/Email on preview window
  • Multiple documents sometimes don't print in the correct order
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.5
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.5
Améliorations :
  • Save or Email function in the UniPrint Preview window will always save as .PDF
Correctifs :
  • Fixed the file monitoring issue if there is no c:\ system drive
  • Fixed the Print All with No Preview issue on a multi-page document
  • Fixed the issue where the Client sometimes does not receive all documents
  • In some cases the Foxit print engine would not print in landscape
  • Removed Bandwidth Throttling
  • Client hangs when application reports invalid paper source value
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.6
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version du Client 4.0.6
Améliorations :
  • Now compatible with Hotfix Rollup Pack 4 for Citrix Presentation Server/XenApp (CTX119069/CTX119075)
  • Sizes of the Print All/Save All/Email All check-box list windows are now retained in the Previewer
Correctifs :
  • Appropriate error message will now appear if a printer is available but disconnected or paused
  • Print All/Save All/Email All options processed wrong number of jobs with documents with the same name
Uniprint - Version 6.1.5
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version 6.1.5
Maintenance corrective :
  • Fixed the issue where turning on PostScript Emulation in the UniPrint driver would generate an error when printing in Adobe.
Améliorations :
  • Added support for Gateway printers on Windows Server 2008.
  • UniPrint Spool and UniPrint Print Servers now supported on x64.

Nouveauté :

  • Ability to reference multiple UniPrint Spool Servers in a Gateway environment.
Uniprint - Version 7
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version 7.0
Nouvelles fontionnalités :
  • Support for secure printing feature on HP Universal Print Driver for Gateway printers
  • New Printer Profiler utility for administrators to create unique printer profiles based on printer-specific features on UniPrint Print Server
  • Support for USB printers attached directly to thin client devices running Windows CE/Windows Embedded CE
  • Fonts are cached on UniPrint Print Server when the "Full font embedding" option is enabled
  • Daily font replication between UniPrint Server and UniPrint Print Server components
Améliorations :
  • Improved font embedding capabilities in UniPrint driver
  • Enhanced UniPrint Management console to improve efficiency and usability
  • UniPrint Acrobat plug-in incorporated into UniPrint Server install package
  • New licensing scheme provides centralized license management capability
  • Native driver paper tray selection replicated to Gateway printers, replaces the occasional need to manually map paper trays on Print Server
  • Improved UPPrintJob to make UniPrint Print Server's overall printing process more efficient
Uniprint Client - Version 4.0.7
UNIPRINT : Nouvelle Version 4.0.7 du Client
Améliorations :
  • Improved UniPrint rendering engine
  • Updated Foxit rendering engine from version to
  • Enhanced print processing when using the Print All function with Foxit rendering engine

Nouveautés :

  • Save/Print All/Email functions in UniPrint Preview window now show actual file name
  • Support for Page Range option when printing from UniPrint Acrobat plug-in for UniPrint 7.0
  • Command line options to change General and Advanced Settings without using user interface

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